Contact and FAQ


How much are commissions?

SPRING 2019:

If I'm open for commissions, I would be happy to make a custom painting for you! The price depends on the size, and the content can dictate the size needed. On average:

5x7 - general one song/idea limited text - 70

8x8 - more detailed, larger design with text - 85

8x10 - larger, more detailed design (or two), plenty of room for text and border- 125

I’ve also done a few 8x6 in the past because it was just the right size to get the job done, it’s just harder to find a frame, that’s all.


Can I get a tattoo of your art?

I’m happy you like my art enough to want it tattooed! You’re certainly free to get it! The designs on are fair game since I’ve made prints of them available. You certainly don’t have to buy one to get permission, but it does help support what I do. There are some personal, commissioned designs on my social media that you can ask about specifically. 

My thoughts: These were designed for the 2d page, so you’re free to change them up how you and your tattoo artist think is best for where it’s going. A great tattoo artist will likely only improve on the imagery, so please find a great tattoo artist that works in a professional studio! They have miles more of experience and can usually do a better rose/skull/whatever than I can. 
Please send a picture and/or tag me on social media - it’s respectful and helps others discover my art! Best of luck on your tattoo journey!